A day in the life of… Dave Liddle, Senior Consultant for Engineering

At E1EW, we are passionate about our people. Supporting our clients on a daily basis, we trust them to keep our business running. So, what better way to show our appreciation than to share what they get up to on an average day?

As the newest member of the E1EW team, Dave Liddle was nominated to reveal what a day in the life of a hardworking team player is like.

Dave’s position as Senior Consultant for the Engineering sector is what we describe as a 360-degree recruitment role. It means he covers the entire lifecycle of a new opportunity.

He searches for clients that use agency labour or those who can be sold the benefits of using it, and checks the company is credible. Dave would then confirm rates, trades required, start date, longevity of the contract, hours to be worked and numbers required.

Once this is confirmed, he begins his pursuit for the right personnel for the job using various industry methods. Staff are taken on following a careful review of qualifications and references, the latter of which can even be used as a sales tool.

Here is what an average day looks like for Dave Liddle, Senior Consultant for Engineering at E1EW…


“I arrive in the office for 7:30am. While my computer is starting up, I put the kettle on. I check and reply to emails and calls before making general sales calls up until around 10.15.”


“I make another cup of tea before a team-building exercise… listening to PopMaster on Radio 2! Between 11 and 12 I check LinkedIn to see which companies are looking for staff to increase our sales database. I also like to advertise any outstanding positions on here as well.”


“No two days are the same in recruitment, but depending which day it is and what needs prioritising, the rest of the day would incorporate using various job boards to see who is available for outstanding positions. This would include obtaining further sales targets from information on CVs and arranging the following days activities, such as client visits.”

Time sheets and payroll duties are another daily task for Dave. He says: “Time sheets are normally emailed to the client on Fridays so we can have the signed, completed time sheet back by Monday or Tuesday.” The hours then have to be inputted onto a spreadsheet and the signed time sheet put into that week’s file for processing.

Dave concludes: “The variation of working in recruitment is both a blessing and a curse! You never know what problems you may be faced with the following day, but equally it keeps the job challenging and interesting.”

If it sounds like Dave might be able to help out your company, or have a role available that you might be interested in applying for, you can contact him on David.Liddle@e1ew.co.uk.