Fabrication Manager

Workshop Manager Scunthorpe

Fabrication Manager & Estimator.

Utilise resources in the workshop to achieve budgeted financial and manufacturing objectives without compromising quality.

The workshop manager is accountable for:

1.                  Estimating prices for workshop fabrication and quoting in compliance with 1090 CE     conformity

2.                  Procurement of all necessary requirements.

3.                  Working with the contracts manager on combined fabrications and installation projects

4.                  Assessing workshop needs ahead of time (materials / labour / consumables etc.)

5.                  Attending management meetings advising all involved staff on progress.

6.                  Achieve 100% budget control

7.                  Achieve maximum workshop efficiency

8.                  Achieve maximum workshop productivity and utilisations

9.                  Ensuring zero returns to the workshop

Your key responsibilities are:

1.                  Maintaining production standards ensuring workshop space is maximised and a tidy work space is maintained.

2.                  Manage work flow throughout the workshop to achieve or exceed the highest levels.

3.                  Maintain H&S standards are met and maintained, ensuring a clean and safe working environment

Characteristics required:

1.                  Leadership and managing a successful team

2.                  Experience of a workshop environment

3.                  Ability to motivate individuals

4.                  Strong but flexible approach

5.                  Excellent organisational skills with logical and methodical approach.

6.                  Strong communications skills

7.                  Ability to pre plan – ability to foresee deficit and shortfalls with shop needs e.g. materials / labour / consumable items etc.

The working hours for the position are 07:45 – 16:00. 

20 paid holidays per annum plus statutory bank holidays. 

When required additional hours may need to be worked to suit the contract in hand, this will be expected from the manager on the basis of the workshop is open the manager will be in attendance.

Weekend working may be required which will be paid at a flat rate of £20.00 all hours Saturdays and £25.00 all hours Sundays.

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