What makes a great recruiter?

In today’s digital era, it may appear that recruitment specialists have a much easier life. Candidates now have access to a world of information on websites and social media profiles. It means that most of the time, people make up their minds about whether they want to work for a business very quickly. This means getting the right candidates is more difficult than ever.

Speak to any recruiter and you will usually find that early on in their career they developed a strategy for recruiting that worked for them, often learning on the job with no formal training. But strategies that worked back then, won’t necessarily continue to generate results in the future.

So, what do recruitment professionals need to master to ensure they survive and thrive in this new world?

Use social recruiting

Saying that a lot of people use social media is a huge understatement. In June 2017, roughly 39% of the world’s population was using social media. This new channel isn’t just somewhere to share your holiday photos, it can be a new platform for recruitment too.

Wear different hats

Recruiters don’t just have one role. They have the responsibility to find the right candidate for a business, as well as the right business for a candidate. This means it’s important for recruitment professionals to adapt the way the work in order to communicate well with all different parties.

Be target-driven

Recruitment is a lot like sales – extremely competitive and driven by targets. Recruiters that work well under pressure and accept the challenge of their latest target are sure to be successful.

Be agile

When a qualified candidate expresses an interest in a vacancy, they expect to be contacted quickly. Remember what we said about how well informed they are by the time they contact you! Therefore, recruitment professionals must be hyper responsive or potentially lose out. That also means being flexible to changing demands and understanding the needs of both candidates and businesses, rather than taking a one size fits all approach.

Successful recruitment teams of the future will have an agile mindset and will understand the importance of speed in this ever-changing business environment. They must have the ability to absorb new information quickly and be creative.