Why it counts to have a company culture

The path to success

Company culture refers to a business’s social guidelines and expectations for the work environment. As the lifeblood of the organisation, a strong company culture has the power to set a business onto the path to success.

Here are the reasons we believe every business, large or small, should adopt a company culture…

It shapes your employees

Your employees are what make your business work. It is therefore important to ensure they are sending the right message to your customers and stakeholders. With a company culture, you can develop your staff, influence employee behaviour, and identify those who deserve recognition.

It supports great team work

There’s no I in team, and a great company culture is the starting point for collaboration amongst your workforce. When people are aware that they are all working towards the same goal, it’s easier to form strong working relationships with colleagues. Encouraging your staff to work together means getting things done quicker, which leads us to our next point…

It boosts efficiency

Studies have shown that some of the most profitable businesses are not focussed on profit. Instead, they channel their efforts inwards towards their employees, which leads to a high rate of role fulfilment. By retaining your employees and ensuring they are happy in their roles, the overall productivity of your business should rise too.

It strengthens brand perception

By cultivating a strong company culture, you also reinforce your reputation as a great employer. This not only attracts new talent, it also means your target customers are more aware that you treat your employees right, and are therefore more likely to choose to work with you.

So how can you create a great company culture?

The first step in any company culture plan is to hire employees that complement the vison of your business. Once you have the right team in place, you’re ready to give them opportunities to have fun and reward their work. By observing the effectiveness of your employees, you will discover their common ground, helping you to produce a set of values that your team emulates.

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